A beautiful home begins with a beautiful lawn.

If you’re looking for natural turf that’s a cut above, make sure it’s a Duzi. Leave your details and our experts will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Choose the right lawn for your needs

LM Berea



Royal Blue

Berea Grass is a much-loved grass variety found in gardens all over South Africa. If you love your lawn, but loathe your lawnmower, Berea is the lawn for you.

Cynodon’s dark green colour and dense texture create a velvety finish that is perfect for golf courses, sports fields and luxurious domestic gardens.

Kikuyu idelivers beautiful lawn, even when rain is scarce. Top dress once or twice a year and make your neighbours as green as your Kikuyu grass..

Royal Blue is ideal for small areas where a beautiful manicured look is desired. Soft to the touch and a deep hue of green, Royal blue feels just like you imagine grass should.