Royal Blue

Green in dry conditions and high foot-fall

Royal Blue is ideal for small areas where a beautiful manicured look is desired. Soft to the touch and a deep hue of green, Royal blue feels just like you imagine grass should.


About Royal Blue

Green and lovely even through long winters

Royal Blue maintains its silky texture and lustrous green even through cold winters, however doesn’t respond well in frost zones. Royal Blue is more heat sensitive than other varieties, so to keep it looking its best requires frequent watering.

Royal Blue is ideal for golf greens, where the high density leaf structure and tolerance for a low mowing height allows for crisp, flat surfaces.

Royal Blue advantages

Reasons to love Royal Blue

Royal Blue is an impressive lawn, but it needs full sun and a little maintenance to keep it looking well manicured. If you’re looking to impress with a lawn in show-off areas, Royal Blue is the best choice. Like an expensive rug, Royal Blue feels wonderful under bare feet, yet doesn’t cost more than the others.

Thick & Luxurious


Royal Blue is fine-bladed but its dense growth gives it a thick and luxurious feel.

Manicured Look


Royal Blue is beautiful, blue-green in colour and can be cropped as short as 3mm. 

Full Sun


Royal Blue requires full sun, but it also needs more watering than other varieties.

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An easy way to choose

Royal Blue Prep

How to get things
prepared for Royal Blue


Remove the stones,
weeds, stumps &
existing grass.


Turn the soil and top
dress with compost if
sandy or poor quality.


Create a raked smooth surface 20-30mm below the level of paths.

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