Duzi Turf Organics: How the Magic is Made.

The Duzi Turf Organics range of products was borne out of our passion for green recycling and the circular economy to contribute meaningfully to the planet and the community. Our products have been meticulously manufactured into Organic Mulch, Landscapers Mix, Garden Mix, 50:50 Topsoil, and Lawn Dressing.  

Here is a peek at our manufacturing process that ensures you are getting only the most premium, 100% organic products to use around your property. 

Green Waste
The process begins with stockpiles of organic green waste (grass cuttings, leaves, branches, and logs) that is delivered to us by landscapers and garden services.

Grinding Material
These piles are then ground down by our tungsten toothed Bandit Grinder into smaller particles at our green zone. The ground material is blended and windrowed ready to start the composting process.

The decomposing material is turned every three days by our compost turner to control temperature, 
oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. The microbes in the heaps need oxygen to keep busy breaking down the material. This, in turn, keeps the temperature in the heaps high (around 65°C), creating a hot composting process. Hot composting is how we ensure that all weed seeds are denatured (unable to germinate) from the produce.

Watering is done regularly during this time, as the moisture content in the decomposing heaps must be kept above 60% to help the microbes break down the organic material. Too much can prevent oxygen from flowing through the pile and slow down the microbes and too little water can inhibit microbe growth. The moisture level needs to be just right.

We continue this process for the next four months to ensure the product is in the maturation phase and decomposed to a mixture of nutrient-rich soil and small wood chips. This forms our premium Duzi Turf Organics Landscapers Mix. 

Sifting and Blending
Further decomposition and processing 
take place on the heaps after which, the material is either sifted or blended to form customised blends of our Duzi Turf Organics range. 

For more information on our Duzi Turf Organics range, pop us a message or call us on 033 818 9628.


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