duzi turf organics

Recycled multi-sourced organic material.

Our soil amendments are crafted from a wide variety of organic ingredients supplied by our Green Partners.
The multi-source, 100% organic mixtures are rich in nutrients and beneficial organisms providing the ideal conditioning and fertilizer base for your garden soils whilst improving the physical and chemical properties.

Duzi Turf Organics Compost and Topsoil
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Duzi Turf Organics Lawn Dressing
A finely sifted black organic weed free medium
Composition: 85% humus and 15% 2mm-8mm larger particles.
Use: Primarily used for lawns or as a very fine compost-type material.
A blend of 50% screened topsoil and 50% compost.
Composition: 80% fine soil and 20% 2mm-13mm wood particles.
Use: General potting and building of flower beds.


A semi-rough blended mix of refined weed free compost and larger wood particles.
Composition: 60% humus and 40% 2mm-13mm wood particles.
Use: General all-purpose garden type material used to improve soil structure and fertility.
A rough unrefined blend of weed free organic compost type material.
Composition: 20% humus and 80% 2mm-100mm wood particles.
Use: General agricultural and large landscaping projects.
A blend of wood chips.
Composition: Mix of 1cm -12cm organic particles.
Use: Ideally suited for orchard mulch, macadamias, avocados, garden beds, walkways.
A finely sifted black organic weed free medium.
Composition: of 85% fine and 15% 2mm-8mm bigger particles.
Use: To increase root zone zone depth in multiple areas.
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Our Organics Range is available in 60dm bags and 1m3 bulk loads.

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