Full coverage turf at a fraction of the cost.

With a little bit of love, care, and patience Kikuyu Grass Runners have the potential to develop into a beautiful and durable lawn, pasture, or sports field that meets your needs while staying within your budget.



A quick-growing

Kikuyu Runners are a popular option for planting because of their versatile growing ability in various soil types and their tendency to creep and bend. Choosing to plant Kikuyu Roots can be a cost-effective way to initiate your project while keeping expenses low.

kikuyu advantages

Reasons to love Kikuyu Runners

Kikuyu grass is a resilient and adaptable species that thrives in many regions and climates across South Africa. This makes it an ideal choice for agricultural lands throughout the country.

In addition to its common use for livestock pastures, Kikuyu grass provide various other benefits.
Its ability to blend with cover crops for long-term soil erosion control and stabilize soil aggregates makes it a valuable asset for agricultural production.
Kikuyu grass is also an excellent option for turf grass due to its resilience and quick recovery after being cut. It is commonly used for sports pitches such as hockey, rugby, and cricket fields, as well as golf courses.

Full Sun


Kikuyu thrives with high sun exposure, tolerating even the harshest UV conditions.

Fast Grower


Kikuyu grows quicker than other types. It is able to recover and green itself after damage.

High Traffic


Kikuyu withstands high foot traffic, making it a ideal for sports fields, pathways and front yards.

Kikuyu Runners

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