Berea (Dactyloctenium australe)

Low mowing frequency and soft on feet

Berea Grass, also known as LM Grass, is a much-loved grass variety found in gardens all over South Africa. If you love your lawn, but loathe your lawnmower, Berea is the lawn for you.


About Berea

Beautiful, predictable
and dependable

Berea / LM Grass is an indigenous evergreen creeping perennial grass that grows easily all year round. It has a shallow root system that reduces the need for mowing, while its bright shiny leaves create a vibrant lawn that is soft under feet.

Berea advantages

Reasons to love Berea

Berea grass is native to the Kwazulu Natal region and is happiest near the coast. It is naturally found in sandy regions, the veld, as well as shady parts of the savanna. Berea prefers rich, loamy soils, but it can be grown in sandier soils, providing it receives enough water.

Berea dislikes high traffic and high frost. This makes it more ideal for homes and parks than for sports fields or playgrounds.

High Shade Tolerance


Berea can tolerate up to 60% shade coverage, making it an excellent choice for gardens without lots of sun.

Less Mowing


Berea lawns thrive with longer leaves. No need to mow more than once a week in summer and once a month in winter.

Drought Resistant


Berea is a lawn that can survive the unpredictable. It needs little water, yet can still withstand high temperatures.

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An easy way to choose

Berea Prep

How to get things
prepared for Berea


Remove the stones,
weeds, stumps &
existing grass.


Turn the soil and top
dress with compost if
sandy or poor quality.


Create a raked smooth surface 20-30mm below the level of paths.

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