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Duzi Turf for natural sports surfaces

Sports are transformative. They promote health, they promote family and they are national pastimes that build unity. We are committed to providing top quality sports surfaces and to growing local communities. 

Community building

Giving people across the
country a place to play

Duzi Turf has been partnering with professional landscapers, garden maintenance companies, quantity surveyors, golf estates and sports field developers since 2008. Together, we’ve delivered beautiful outdoor spaces across KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and as far afield as Gauteng. Our consistently excellent turf at competitive prices will exceed both your and your client’s expectations.


Working with sports field developers to deliver on their promises

The Emawombe Sports Field project in Matubatuba is a prime example of Duzi Turf’s commitment to working alongside local government and businesses to improve the lives of people.

The turnkey development to deliver three competition level football fields for community teams…

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