Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum)

Green in dry conditions and high foot-fall

Kikuyu is becoming a firm favourite for South Africans looking for a beautiful lawn, even when rain is scarce. Top dress once or twice a year and make your neighbours as green as your Kikuyu grass.


About Kikuyu

A quick-growing

Kikuyu grass is a low growing, warm season perennial grass. The stems and leaves are covered with fine hairs, making it a hardy grass that is soft to the touch.

Kikuyu exhibits outstanding tolerance to prolonged drought and recovers rapidly when irrigated. In optimal growing conditions, it is ideal for high traffic sports fields. Kikuyu will grow in milder coastal winters and seldom goes dormant.

Kikuyu advantages

Reasons to love Kikuyu

Kikuyu is ideal for full sun both inland and along the coast. It endures both high and low temperatures, variable rainfall and tolerates wide range of soil types, meaning Kikuyu is a lawn that thrives all year round (except in shady areas).

Because it is fast growing, Kikuyu is great for erosion control, but it also requires more maintenance.

Full Sun


Kikuyu thrives with high sun exposure, tolerating even the harshest UV conditions.

Fast Grower


Kikuyu grows quicker than other types. It is able to recover and green itself after damage.

High Traffic


Kikuyu withstands high foot traffic, making it a ideal for sports fields, pathways and front yards.

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An easy way to choose

Kikuyu Prep

How to get things
prepared for Kikuyu


Remove the stones,
weeds, stumps &
existing grass.


Turn the soil and top
dress with compost if
sandy or poor quality.


Create a raked smooth surface 20-30mm below the level of paths.

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