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Gardens play a big role in the first impression that your home makes and lawns provide several environmental benefits too.

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A beautiful home starts with a beautiful lawn. Full of life and the goodness of the earth, high-quality lawn brings nature right to your door.

Lawns significantly contribute to quality of life. A lawn area of 50 sqm produces an equivalent amount of oxygen to that breathed by a family of four. A lawn around your house can drop the surrounding temperatures by up to 7 degrees on a hot summer’s day.

Let Duzi Turf guide you every step of the way

Duzi Turf knows that not all lawns are created equal, and the lawn that’s right for you will depend on many more factors than just the size of your garden. Our team of experts is on hand to guide you to finding and installing the lawn of your dreams, as well as making the right decision for you and your family.

Grass grows property value appreciably

Investing in a quality lawn increases the value of your home, so when you do eventually decide to sell you can expect a better evaluation of your home.

Duzi platinum green

Better Lawn, Less Work

Duzi Platinum Green takes the hard work out of a brilliant lawn year round. In partnership with leading maintenance companies in your area, you will receive two annual dressings of Duzi Supercharge®, which contains rock dust, guano and BSF castings, with your first dressing free of charge.

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