Fine leafed and manicured to perfection

Is it real grass or astroturf? This is the question that will come to mind when passers-by stop to admire your perfectly manicured Couch grass lawn. Its dark green colour and dense texture create a velvety finish that is perfect for golf courses, sports fields and domestic gardens.


About Cynodon

Hard as nails even when things get tough

Cynodon, also know as couch grass, is a perennial, indigenous, fine-leafed grass variety that looks delicate, but is surprisingly hard-wearing. It is naturally found in tropical regions, meaning it prefers full sun and fairly regular watering. It prefers loamy, fertile soil, yet can be grown in a broad variety of conditions. Couch has a high salt tolerance, making it perfect for seaside settings.


Reasons to love Cynodon

Cynodon is found naturally in tropical areas where annual rainfall ranges from 600–1,800mm, but it is water efficient and can survive drought conditions, meaning it can be planted anywhere with full sun. (It does not like shady areas.)

The high salt tolerance of Cynodon makes it a good choice for coastal regions. Its toughness makes it ideal for sports fields and its fine leaf means that it is great for golf courses too.

Manicured Look


Cynodon has fine blades and grows to be dense, creating a rich green lawn-covering that is designed to impress.

High Traffic


Cynodon can tolerate high foot-fall and is excellent at repairing itself from stress, damage and
long periods of drought.

Weed Resistant


Cynodon’s density leaves little room for weed growth and it also tolerates broadleaf pesticides exceptionally well.

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An easy way to choose

Cynodon Prep

How to get things
prepared for Cynodon


Remove the stones,
weeds, stumps &
existing grass.


Turn the soil and top
dress with compost if
sandy or poor quality.


Create a raked smooth surface 20-30mm below the level of paths.

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