How to Choose the Best Grass for Your Garden


Finding the correct lawn type for your garden is dependent on a number of factors – soil-type, the amount of traffic the garden is subject to, whether you want a manicured, high-maintenance lawn, or the natural look.  Knowing a bit about the turf beforehand can make the final decision that much simpler. 

LM Berea 

Berea is one of KZN’s most popular lawn grasses – it is an indigenous, evergreen, perennial grass, a surface runner, a medium-coarse lawn that requires less mowing than many other types of grasses. It is a lighter shade of green than most lawns but its excellent tolerance to both drought and heat is just one of the factors that make Berea so sought after. The added benefit is Berea’s ability to grow in shady areas, which is what makes this lawn a winner.

This low-maintenance lawn is adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions including sandy soil and does well both inland, and at the coast. It has moderate traffic tolerance and, as a surface-runner, should not be mowed too short.


Cynodon is great for the manicured look, which makes it a winner on the sports field or the golf course, added to which is its ability to withstand high traffic. This is a turf that mats well making Cynodon more weed resistant than many other grass types. It is strictly a sun-loving grass, ideal for gardens with children and dog traffic. Cynodon is excellent for planting in areas that are prone to soil erosion.


Kikuyu is a warm-season, low-growing, perennial grass, which forms one of the hardier lawns. Kikuyu has creeping rhizomes and leafy runners that root from the nodes to form a dense mat. This lawn type exhibits excellent tolerance to prolonged drought, recovering rapidly when irrigated. Under irrigation, it is ideal for high-traffic sports fields.

Kikuyu grows readily both inland and in coastal areas. In the milder coastal winters it seldom goes dormant and has the ability to tolerate a wide range of temperatures and soil conditions. It generally thrives throughout the seasons.  It endures high and low temperatures, variable rainfall and tolerates a wide range of soil types. Because it is fast growing, Kikuyu is great for erosion control.

Royal Blue

Royal Blue is all that its name suggests – a grass that needs to be pampered somewhat in order to be displayed at its very best.  It requires full sun and regular watering to reach a thick, luxurious and well-manicured look, deep green and wonderfully soft underfoot.  Royal Blue is at its most impressive in the smaller areas of the garden.

 This lawn grass is ideal for putting greens; it can be mown short and requires a degree of maintenance to keep it in top shape, but it is worth the extra effort.

Despite all the advantages, Royal Blue turf doesn’t cost more – and who doesn’t want to promote a bit of the upper class in their garden?


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