Lawn calculator: figure out the area of your lawn


It can be difficult to work out the area of a plot of land, especially when it is an irregular shape. Fortunately, to assist you in getting a quote for your lawn, there is an easy tool within your reach that can act as a lawn calculator.

Using Google Maps

Once you locate a relevant plot of land on Google maps, you are able to use a built-in tool to draw a shape around it, which Google will then use it to calculate the perimeter and area.

Step 1: Zoom in close to get a clear view of the plot that you want to measure. If necessary, change the view to satellite rather than map.

Step 2: Right-click on a point on the edge of the plot. This will open a menu.


At the bottom of the pop-up menu choose the function called “measure distance”.

Step 3: Left-click as accurately as you can around the edge of the plot. Enclose the plot completely.


Once the perimeter is complete, Google displays a panel that lists the total area and total distance. It’s that simple!


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