Summer Savvy Gardening.

Summertime, with its sizzling sunshine and surprise showers, turns your garden into a lively, colourful playground!
But let’s face it, the heat waves and rain dances might throw your garden a curveball. Fear not!
This blog is packed with Summer Savvy tips to keep your garden grooving and blooming through the sunny days and rainy delights

Watering Wisdom

Mastering the art of watering is a summer garden superhero skill, and nailing the timing is pure magic. Opt for deep watering sessions in the cool early morning or late evening to keep that moisture locked in and beat evaporation. Beware though, drowning your garden isn’t cool—overwatering can harm those precious patches!
Let nature lend a hand: When raindrops are falling, give your watering can a break. It’s a win-win for your garden and your water bill.

Feeling unsure about how much water your plants need? Say hello to the screwdriver test! It’s a simple, no-nonsense trick to gauge if your garden is thirsty or chilling in hydration paradise. Check out our YouTube video below.

Mowing Mastery

Summer’s the time when your lawn hits turbo mode on growth! Get ready for some extra mowing sessions, but fear not—it’s all part of the lawn-taming game. Here’s the scoop: be a mowing maestro by tailoring your mower’s height to match your lawn type. Opt for higher blade settings to give your grass a stylish trim without the close shave. Why, you ask? Well, more blade means more shade, protecting those precious roots from the scorching summer sun. And here’s the secret sauce: leaving a little extra grass means a healthier root system, making your lawn a champ in handling those heavy rainfalls and sweltering heatwaves. Think of it as giving your lawn superhero powers to bounce back faster and stronger when the weather gets wild!

Top Dressing Transcendence

Discover the wonders of lawn dressing, a vital secret for nurturing your lawn’s well-being. Imagine a treatment that not only enhances the visual charm of your lawn but also nurtures its health from the roots up.

This remarkable technique enriches your soil with essential nutrients, cultivating a stronger and more resilient root system. The result? A healthier lawn that boasts improved soil structure, better root growth, and enhanced overall appearance.

In just a short span, witness your lawn’s transformation—where lushness meets vitality.

Mulching Magic

The art of mulching holds the key to a flourishing summer garden, offering more than mere visual appeal. Consider mulch as your garden’s guardian—an essential shield against the relentless summer sun.

Imagine a protective layer enveloping your plants, safeguarding them from the sun’s intensity while delicately preserving precious moisture without overwhelming them. Over time, this moisture reservoir seeps into the soil, serving as nourishment, providing vital nutrients for your plants’ well-being.

But there’s another remarkable trait! Mulch acts as a formidable barrier against the intrusion of pesky weeds. By creating an impenetrable shield, it thwarts their germination below the surface, preventing the unwelcome spread of weeds during the summer months when they thrive on sunlight and water.

Embrace mulching as a mastery technique for your garden, ensuring your plants stay cool, hydrated, and free from the invasion of weeds that seek to disrupt your garden’s summer serenity.

For more information and advice, please feel free to give us a call or pop us a message. 
Do you have your own summer Savvy tips? We would love to hear about them. Leave your comments in the discussion section below. 🌿☀️ 


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